About Disc Golf

Disc golf is a game that everyone can play, in any age or gender. Disc golf in basic are much same as Golf. In disc golf you’re not using clubs and ball, but plastic discs that’s in multiple forms and sizes. In Golf there’s a hole, but in disc golf there’s a basket (when we talk about playing one fairway, it’s still hole ;)). Basic idea is same, at the end player with least throws is a winner.

Disc golf is individual game, but very social one. In the course you’re usually playing with friends and even if you start round by yourself, you’re most propably getting some company after few holes.

Disc golf is inexpensive, you can even take anything that looks and flies like disc and try it. When the sparkle is found, you can try real disc golf discs. Cheapest discs are in 7-8 euros. Better plastics costs something like 12-16 euros. Many stores also sell starter packages for beginners that basically have all discs you need; putter, midrange and driver. Package prizes depent on manufacturer and plastics, but usually between 20-28 euros.

In the course you will propably see players with big fancy bags. You don’t need to scare these guys (or girls), they’re just pretty addicted to disc golf and they’re most propable the guys, you want to throw with (as you gonna learn, playing with better player, makes you better fast). Couble discs are easy to carry on, you don’t even need bag. Even five discs are easy to carry in plastic or fabric bag. Also used small armybags are very good for few discs and those cost something like 10 euros.

Here’s some nices videos of disc golf, for getting that sparkle 😉